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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sneaky Chef

My mom has used this cookbook to help get my siblings the vegetable/fruits they need when they didn't like eating them. They still don't, and she sneaks a little something in every once in awhile, but it's much better now. I decided to get this cookbook to check out the recipes, and of course use it in the future.
My husband and I decided to go ahead and try some of the recipes during this 2 week period to try and help out Bobby getting some more veggies in him, as well as us. Sometimes, we don't have a problem eating veggies, but sometimes, like everyone, we do. Last night, I made "Maxed Out Meatloaf". It was absolutely amazing. You couldn't even tell there were veggies sneaked in there. I highly recommend getting this book if your children have issues eating vegetables or fruit. There are some really great recipes, and I for one, cannot wait to try more.
Of course, I will be posting these recipes as I make them. I hope you will try them too. Please leave feedback when you do!

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