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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jalapeno poppers

These are excellent for any cookout. We make them any time we spend time outside with my family and everyone loves them. I use a pastry bag to put the cream cheese in the jalapenos.


Jalapenos (decide how many poppers you want and divide that number by 2. We usually do about 60, so that's 30 Jalapenos)
2-3 Cream cheese packages, room temperature
Thick bacon
Pastry bag or ziploc bag
Tooth picks


1. Put gloves on. The oils will hurt later if you don't. Cut jalapenos in half, remove all seeds.
2. Plop cream cheese into pastry bag. Squeeze cream cheese into jalapeno halves. Don't over fill, but place enough in that the center is full. If you put too much in, it falls out onto the grill.
3. Wrap bacon around the jalapeno and cream cheese and stick a tooth pick in to hold it together.
4. Stick jalapenos on the grill. They are done when the bacon is cooked.
5. Serve and enjoy!

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